Non-alcoholic disinfection against viruses

Our products

OIAX+ meets the European standards for disinfectants, results against bacteria, yeast infections as well as various types of viruses, such as influenza virus, Coronavirus family and Murine Norovirus. These types of bacteria, viruses are proven to be very sensitive to hypochlorous acid (HOCI).

OIAX+ is also an important product as antibiotic resistance increases.



We care a lot about our fellow man, wildlife and nature; therefore, we produce our products here in Sweden, where we can monitor and control the production. Our goal is that our products are 100% Made in Sweden. For us at OIAX, it is extremely important to be as environment friendly as possible for the benefit of future generations. OIAX+ is a water-based product that is environment friendly to both us humans and nature alike. In addition, the residual product is biodegradable, and the containers are recyclable